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China excursion


I have traveled all over the world and recently received an invitation to visit China to attend the largest international interior design trade show. I had visited Asia a few times in the past, but had never been to China, so I was quick to say yes.

I've always been interested in visiting foreign countries to get inspiration for my own ideas and designs. Learning about and interpreting the styles found in China was fascinating. The multitude of colors and textures from this culture that I brought back gave me a wealth of fresh design concepts for our clients in America.

Since many of the vendors were International, I saw numerous design styles, current and upcoming trends in furniture design and the newest in fabrics from all over the world. It was very inspiring.

For our online store, STUDIO M, I was looking for companies that I could source for linens, fabrics (for our own custom made sofa line) and some casegoods from Italy, Belgium, France, South Africa and Thailand.

We explored different living environments from luxury beach living in Shenzhen, to the bustling city living of Shanghai, and Hanhang—where the condo skyscrapers go for miles and miles. We also visited Hong Kong for fun and inspiration seeing the mountains and ocean views.

It was surprising for me to discover that the Chinese love American made furniture and that they appreciate the style and expertise of American designers.

High point market


Two times a year High Point, North Carolina hosts an interior design trade show specializing in products, furnishings and trends in the marketplace. It is an enjoyable week-long adventure. There are nightly parties hosted by top design firms along with many workshops (some educational) offered to shop owners and interior designers.

You can wander around for days in one building and still miss hundreds of specialty shops and manufacturers. You must go prepared to focus on what you are seeking so that you do not waste time. You can request a catalog in advance to plan your show itinerary. Personally, I sought mirrors, linens, creatively designed casegoods and furnishings to use for client projects or to carry on STUDIO M, my new online store.

I would recommend going to High Point if you are in the market to purchase things for your business, view current trends or make great contacts and meet new friends.

Accommodations are tough to find unless you plan early. They get less expensive if you are willing to drive 45 or more minutes to the show.

Southampton open house


We recently staged and designed a property located on Downs Path in Southampton. As part of our service, we catered an open house that allowed people to gather and view the home for for the first time.

For this evening we served BBQ beef tenderloin, homemade salads, side dishes and luscious desserts. This was a great networking event, and a chance for real estate professionals and home buyers to glimpse a truly spectacular home.

Custom furniture line


We are excited to announce the launch of our new line of custom furnishings designed by Cindy Montgomery and proudly made in America.

After years of ordering furniture for her clients, Cindy found that most of her customers wanted specific measurements and specifications, (e.g. custom fill, wooden vs. metal feet, various dimensions, widths, high performance fabrics or other textiles). With this in mind, our customers can have all their needs met. Our line is available through our online STUDIO M store and also through our design service. We can arrange for a one-time free consultation.

Cindy Montgomery is a design partner with American Sofa which specializes in making quality furniture in North Carolina.